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Folkboat news

Photo on 11-03-2017 at 14.45

Hello sailors. Yes. Don’t fall over. Some news about folkboat activities. Last year, obviously, ground to a halt what with Phils family issues and the relative unavailabilty of suitable boats for this job. This year is also a big year for Show of Hands with the 25th anniversary of the band and the 5th Albert Hall show in april. Also, we have the most comprehensive set of festival gigs this summer which means there is, once again,  virtually no available time. With that all in mind, Phils compatriots have agreed in principle  to let him take most of next summer  (2018) off again in order to do a Folkboat series. The original plan to renovate the Trawler, Mourne Lass, as a floating base is now in hand again. We will shortly be examing the options of suitable sailing vessels for the job. We will keep this page up to date from now on . Watch this space——————————–