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Phil Beer Box Set 1

phil_beer_box_set1Phil Beers Box set one is a four disc set and the first of a series of box sets spanning his career from 1968 onwards.

Box one concentrates on archive and acoustic material together with a DVD of performances both solo and with the Phil Beer Band. There are many rarities contained on this compilation combined with recent studio and live tracks which demonstrate the diversity of Phil’s musical activities over four and a half decades of musical activities.

Disc One: Archive

  1. The First World War. Phil Beer and school chums.
  2. Jan Tregale (Colin Wilson) Oddfolk.
  3. Berepper Beach (Colin Wilson/Phil Beer) Oddfolk.
  4. The Hunting of Arscott of Tetcott (Trad arr. Downes and Beer.) Downes and Beer.
  5. Spanish Ladies (Trad arr. Downes and Beer) Downes and Beer.
  6. Morning Sky (Dan Fogelberg) Arizona Smoke Revue.
  7. Factory (Bruce Springsteen) Arizonas
  8. Take Back your Pictures (Steve Knightley) Arizonas.
  9. Down in yon Forest (Trad)/ Galliard (John Dowland). Phil Beer.
  10. Thomas’s Morris (Phil Beer) Phil Beer.
  11. Set Their Mouths to Twisting (Francois Villon/arr. Phil Beer). Phil Beer.
  12. Nameless Kind of Hell (Phil. Beer) Phil Beer/Albions
  13. Last Picture Show ( Steve Knightley) Show of Hands.
  14. White Tribes ( Steve Knightley) Show of Hands.
  15. Weathercock ( Ian Anderson) Phil Beer/ Nick Hennessey
  16. Lifeline (Trad arr.) Phil Beer/Albions/Swan Arcade.

Disc Two: Acoustic Live

  1. Old Riley. (Bob Dylan) Phil solo
  2. Robbers’ Roost. (Hutchings/Beer) Ridgeriders
  3. Blind Fiddler. (Trad/Dusenberry) Phil and Julie Matthews
  4. Long Black Veil. (Dill and Wilkins) Phil and Deb Sandland
  5. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear. (Randy Newman) Phil solo
  6. Devils Right Hand. (Steve Earle) Phil solo
  7. Willin’. (Lowell George) Phil and Miranda Sykes
  8. Youngstown. (Bruce Springsteen) Phil solo
  9. Bus Stop. (Graham Gouldman) Phil solo
  10. Cocaine. (Gary Davis) Phil solo
  11. Icicles. (Patti Griffin) Miranda Sykes and Phil
  12. Exile. (Steve Knightley) Phil and Miranda Sykes
  13. Flowers of the Forest/The Holy Brook/When this bloody war is over. (Trad/Frank Mansell/Joseph Scriven) Phil and Miranda Sykes
  14. Varso Vianna. (Trad) Phil solo
  15. Warlike Lads of Russia. (Trad arr. Nic Jones) Phil solo

Disc Three: Acoustic Studio

  1. The Life of a Fool. (Hutchings/Care) Phil with Ashley Hutchings, Jon Moore and Simon Care
  2. Lo! What a Glorious Sight Appears. (Isaac Watts) Albion Band
  3. Red River Valley. (Trad/Beer) Phil Solo
  4. Santiago. (Steve Knightley) Alianza
  5. The Three Knights. (Trad/Beer) Phil
  6. Sit You Down. (Steve Knightley) Phil With Mike Oldfield
  7. Border Song. (Bill Zorn) Phil solo
  8. Blow the Man Down. (Trad/Beer) Phil with Jackie Oates and Jim Causley
  9. Bus Stop. (Graham Gouldman) Phil Solo
  10. Undertow. (Steve Knightley) Show of Hands with Jenna
  11. The Downeaster Alexa. (Billy Joel) Phil solo
  12. Static on the Line. (Tom Palmer) Tom Palmer with Phil
  13. Dakka Dan. (Tom Palmer) Tom Palmer with Phil
  14. Crockery Ware. (Trad/Oates) Jackie Oates with Phil
  15. I Wish/Ichbod. (Jackie Oates) Jackie Oates with Phil

Disc Four:  Film Clips

  1. The launching of the Pegasus at Bristol. in spring 2008. Filmed by myself and Helen Sheard.
  2. A trip around the River Exe filmed by me.
  3. A performance at the Minnack Theatre. Steve Knightley was otherwise engaged!!
  4. Acadian Driftwood performance at The Roses theatre in Tewkesbury with Feast of Fiddles.
  5. Answering questions for a Longdogs web chat. A rough dressing room clip filmed by me at Southport Arts centre. Please forgive the poor sound quality.
  6. A short film of the Band made by Ursula McCulloch at Maidenhead. A one-off show featuring our former guitarist Charlotte Ayrton.

Live at Nettlebed – Beer & Downes 2008


  1. Bruce/Coming Rains
  2. Nancy’s/A Tune Set
  3. Call It A Loan
  4. Life Goes On
  5. Honour And Praise
  6. Opinion On Love
  7. Sir Richard’s Song
  8. Both Sexes
  9. Blues In D
  10. Sheath And Knife
  11. There But For Fortune
  12. Go To Work On Monday

Rhythm Methodist 2008


  1. Old Riley
  2. All My Loves Laughter
  3. Gloucester Hornpipe/Off To California
  4. Fire In The Hole
  5. Alex Patterson’s Return
  6. Holy Brook
  7. Varso Vianna
  8. Our Lady Of The Well
  9. Lizzies Set
  10. Telling Me Lies
  11. Acadian Driftwood
  12. Mampy Moose/Brilliant Pebbles/Philip Brunels
  13. Vive L’Amour/Masters Of This Hall
  14. Limbo
  15. Abroad For Pleasure
  16. Flowers Of The Forest/When This Bloody War Is Over

Hard Works – Phil Beer 2001

  1. Fireman’s Song
  2. Blind Fiddler
  3. Chance
  4. This Year
  5. This Far
  6. Hard Hats
  7. Blinded By Love
  8. She Could Laugh
  9. More
  10. Think It Over
  11. Fireman’s Song
  12. General Ward/Tobins/The Starling
  13. Swanee River
  14. Staten Island/Soldier’s Joy
  15. Haste To The Wedding
  16. Mohawk/The Cap Sizun
  17. Thomas Morris/Chasing The Jack
  18. Michael Turner’s Waltz
  19. Gypsy Moth
  20. Jig/Banish Misfortune
  21. Lost In Space/Altan/Teetotallers
  22. Flash Company
  23. Jenny On The Shore/The Bull
  24. Rocky Road To Mylor

The Fiddle Collection 1999

  1. Falmouth Packet/Penmere Halt
  2. While You Sleep/Willow Arch
  3. Wee Micheal’s March/Joe’s Tuxedo
  4. Old Court Waltz
  5. Up Todden
  6. Red Legs/Tipputs
  7. Burning Babe
  8. Yearning Heart/Monkey Tree
  9. Herr Rolorffs Farewell
  10. Yankee Clipper
  11. New South Wales
  12. Stone On The Gate The/Jiggered
  13. As Yet
  14. Gemini Cadenza
  15. Dancing With Nancy
  16. Old Conway