Stop Press!

A slight change of plan in the great scheme of things. As many of you know, my father has been unwell for a while and attention to his needs has severely compromised my work schedule. The P B Bands live album is still not finished and the window of opportunity to do so has now passed in order to bring it out in time for next months tour. The Band album was going out on the ‘Talking Elephant’ label. In a stroke of minor genius (!!!??) I have diverted the solo live album over to TA instead and they will now be bringing it out for me within the next two weeks. To fill the Band gap I have four good tracks mixed and ready to go and am now putting together a four track EP to go with the solo album which we will sell as package on the tour. This seems the best compromise under the circumstances and allows the complete band album to come a little later on when things ease up a bit.

The solo live album is called


Phil Beer