Folk Boat


OK folks. Here’s the plan.
This year I will be concentrating on the ‘Mourne Lass’ project – getting this lovely old Brixham trawler renovated and ready to use as a floating base for sailing activities during the following summer.
I am, once again, moving the studio up to Mark Tuckers studio complex near Honiton. The advantage of this is that it will be part of system of studios with other people working up there and, of course, there is the added advantage of having Marks immense knowledge and skill to draw on.
I have started and stalled on a number of projects of my own over the last few years. Something else always comes along and takes priority!! Not so after this move. I will pull together everything thats half finished with a deadline of bringing out another box set at the beginning of next year. It will contain up to six discs and I will put up a new website shortly so that folks can follow its progress and get a feel for whats happening. There will be live material, studio recordings, long overdue material from the Band. One disc will be the complete Frank and Jesse James story delving back into the familys Gloucestershire origins and taking the story to its logical conclusions with the elderly Frank James and the final tale of Robert Ford. The thread is bound together by my favourite Warren Zevon song which most of you have heard at some point. should be fun!!

So, no Folk Boat this year but do email if you want to be kept informed on next years trips.