Reeling back the years

Nine weeks, thirty shows. Thats 3.333333 shows a week. I’m approaching 60 and I’m knackered. It finished the night before last and I’m hibernating at home. If all goes well I’ll surface tomorrow and go and catch the Melrose Quartet at my local in Topsham. What better way to wind down.

In the meantime, after staggering down to view the unfeasible amount of mail, ones eye is drawn by a curiously shaped square thin package which beckons to be opened first. In it is a thing of beauty that reels back the years and suddenly   the weariness seems to dissolve and I’m an excited 15 year old again. Its simply the topic re-release of the Davy Graham/Alexis Korner EP 3/4 AD on vinyl. I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting but it takes me back once again to the reason that we do what we do.

No gig goes by for me without referencing Davy Graham and playing ‘Cocaine’ or ‘I cannot keep from crying’ or even both. They’ve stuck to the original artwork and colours. Just makes me want to put out a vinyl album again. Nice one!