No more Show of Hands live until September 2014

The significance of this winter tour is beginning to hit home. We really won’t be playing together as a Band until september next year. We are involved in some major recording projects and thats going to be a big part of early 2014 but you’ll only be able to see us separately until then. This gives Rex and Miranda a big chance to develop their duo and promote the lovely album, Sing a Full Song. Steve will be doing his major village hall project and having more time with his family. I will be playing solo shows, touring with the Phil Beer. Band again and sailing all summer. I will also be able to do the whole of the Feast of Fiddles tour for the first time in years. Looking forward to all these things. The ‘comeback’ show in September 2014 is the most interesting we’ve yet encountered. Details will be revealed when its contracted.

In the meantime, check out the remaining SOH gigs. Its the last chance!!