Musings from Phil

Its been a very interesting week. Bellowhead up in the main charts and now Show of Hands creeping up behind them. Whilst its almost meaningless in terms of what the charts originally meant in the early years of volume of sales its just very interesting that our music seems to be percolating through without any significant mainstream airplay or promotion. Its solely about the live shows and the number of new folks who’ve seen us and liked what they heard. Bring it on.

On a somewhat sombre note, I was saddened to discover that Mike Harding has been ousted from the Folk show. He was by far the best choice 15 years ago. He’s knowledgeable and dedicated and has superbly walked the very hard tightrope of trying to keep everyone engaged in a pitifully short one hour show. Under his stewardship, the programme has increased its listenership tenfold. Not bad for a ‘minority’ music show. Whilst I have no issue with his replacement, Mark Radcliffe, who is also an excellent broadcaster and all round good bloke, I do feel that it wasn’t necessary to make a change. It wasn’t broken and it didn’t require fixing.

One or two kind folks have suggested on internet groups that I should have the job. I’m very flattered but I have absolutely no desire to do anything like that. I actually wouldn’t want to present any type of specialist show. The only form of music radio that I would be in any way interested in being involved in is already well covered by Bob Harris. I.E. a huge range of good music both old and new with Folk/Blues/World/Jazz integrated and embedded. I don’t view music in a genre specific way. I’m also a full time working musician with no desire for a career change. Pidgeonholes No!