Fairport Convention

Upon settling in to watch the Fairport night on the tele last week and then observing the reaction on various internet boards.

Had a rare evening in and settled down to watch the show. Part of the weakness of the vocals was entirely due to the appalling mix I’m afraid. Simon has developed into a fine singer over the years and I also love Chris’s voice. Admittedly I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of playing with these guys over the years so maybe I’m biased. If I’d never played the guitar but had just been a singer, Simon would be number one on my list of excellent and tasteful accompanists to work with. I would go as far as to say he is greatly underrated but then he’s a modest bloke. I have also done some 10/12 shows opening for Richard and Linda in the early days and can vouch for the utter individuality of both his acoustic and electric playing. I know no other more inventive and unique sounding player. He simply and plainly does things that no other guitar player does.

Oddly enough, the album that ignited my interest was actually Full House. The sheer swagger of the opening bars of Patrick Spens rekindled my interest in the fiddle and I still don’t think there’s anything plodding or pedestrian about the approach. I love it.

The most important thing to say, however, is that AshleyH, Simon, Richard, DM, Swarb and Peggy et al are responsible for inventing something which wasn’t there before. None of the rest of us will ever be able to make that claim. Some folks may not like it. Fair enough. Nevertheless, the world is better off with it than without it. Good luck to ’em.