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Ok Folks. Nice shiny new podcast from me with details of all the tracks on the forthcoming live solo album. We should have the album in around 10 days. It represents the current live set and is therefore a mixture of old and new material. Some of the old stuff is covered by the Box Set 1 which many of you already have so you may well take a view on this one but please remember that I’m playing to a large number of utterly new people each night and a faithful souvenir of the show is what people mostly want to take home. I spent two tears recording odd shows and have a huge backlog of recordings to fall back on so I suspect there will be a volume two a bit later down the line.


I’m also trawling the archives every now and then and collating the millions of pics we have. Here’s a truly scary one from Spain in 1997!


Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day!



Thanks for turning out in good numbers for the start of gigging in earnest. Colebrook, Thorncombe and Kingsteignton were all lovely gigs and I met a whole bunch of nice folks.

Coming very shortly, two podcasts. One will be the original I did in Glasgow about the making of the box set and the second will be a breakdown of all the tracks on the forthcoming live album. Just spent very productive day with Steve K and Mark in my studio working on the big project and swapping notes. Steve has also had a good time with his ‘Grow your own gig’ series.

Next up is Shaftesbury on thursday.


Thankyou Everyone!

Thanks everyone for your messages concerning my father. I have had to pull out of two Bully Wee shows, last night and tonight because of his health issues. I’m happy to report that he is comfortable and will hopefully come home today. In a world of sometimes grotesque over sensationalism on the part of the British press when things go wrong, I would, once again, like to draw attention to the high standard of care he has been receiving from the RD+E hospital in Exeter and to thank them. The same sentiment applies to my stay there four years ago.  Thanks to everyone concerned.

Four Shows! Four good gigs!

How lucky am I? Every gig this year so far has been utterly different and thoroughly enjoyable. Starting with Hedleys shed two weekends ago to a maximum crowd of thirty good people with the bonus of Dave (we are not worthy) Burland in the audience and a superb debut gig from a brand new band, the Dovetail Trio.

Next up was a new sunday afternoon venture in beautiful Bedale in the Yorkshire Dales with a capacity crowd and an excellent opening set from the talented Sunjay Brayne. More sunday afternoon shows please!

A pleasant surprise last friday in the theatre in Brixham  with another sell out crowd and a fine support from local heroes Maggie Duffy and Mike Weed.

Finally, last night at The Orange Tree in Baldock was a lovely experience with yet another great support, this time from Freds House whose very distinct, country tinged harmonies and brilliantly tight musicianship when down a storm at the folk club. They’ll storm it when they eventually get into the festival circuit.