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Folkboat news update

Bookings are now coming in steadily for next years cruises. We regret that the first cruise in august which will feature an evening workshop from Steve and another from Miranda and Rex is almost fully subscribed. This is everyones last call for either a skiffle based trip or a melodeon players cruise. There aren’t enough people specifically interested to make either of those things happen at present. We’ll leave it one more week in case there’s a sudden flurry!  As regards visiting guest musicians, these evenings can only be decided on a week to week basis and are partly dependent on where the boat goes at any given time. On the inaugural cruise last year we had two excellent nights with Reg Mueross and cornish mandolin wizard Neil Davy. Both of these two great musicians will be involved again subject to availablilty.

We are at the stage now where we will consider a couple more cruises in July and have a vessel provisionally available. If there is anyone out there who hasn’t been in touch because they are only free in july, please contact Vicky and register your interest. We’ll keep you informed as to how things progress. What we basically need is for the June and August trips to be close to a sell out before we go ahead with july dates.

Just in case anyone hasn’t found it, this is a youtube clip of this years august outing.

That was the week that was

Well well. Quite a week. A fracas breaks out at an SOH show. I say Fawlty! A mate of mine is being held in Russia. He was the duty engineer on the Greenpeace vessel. The storm didn’t quite materialise in the way it was supposed to. Can’t find the annoying fluid leak on the Landy. (Hate that)

My thoughts are with Ian Rogers who is alternating 3 month tours of duty with Greenpeace whilst sailing gradually around the world. Diggory Rose and I saw him off from Falmouth earlier this year when we sailed ‘Eve of St Mawes’ at the classic boat weekend. I hope he doesn’t end up incarcerated for months on end.

Iain Rogers, Greenpeace activist, in a cage in court

One or two folks haven’t liked the idea of us doing our own support on this tour, but the overall response has been excellent. It still amazes me when people come up at the end and say ‘I didn’t know you did that’. Next year is going to be loads of fun with the various projects we’re all involved in. I will be doing about 60 solo shows, touring with my band for the first time in three years, rejoining feast of fiddles for the entire tour and rebuilding the studio in a new location. Oh, and joining the Bully Wee Band on some of their january reunion tour. All that before the three months of sailing and music workshops! That should keep me out of mischief for a while. Looking forward to Portmeirion next week. There probably isn’t another location I can think of as interesting as this to run a residential bash! See some of you there.

Spiers and Boden

Very sad to note that Jon and John are doing their farewell shows. They remain, for me the most exciting folk outfit I’ve seen and heard for years. They actually knocked me out totally when I first heard them and have continued to do so ever since. Great musicians and good blokes. Just re-arranging my schedule so that I can actually see them one more time.