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Re-Issue of the Album ‘By Gloucester Docks’.

Probably one of the best albums I was ever involved in is the Ashley Hutchings solo project ‘By Gloucester docks’ which has just been re-released by Talking Elephant.


If you do nothing more this festive season, please check it out. Its an old fashioned concept album that tells a story and contains some of Ashleys finest writing.

The dream team band were, myself, Christine Collister, Polly Bolton, Dave Mattacks, Graeme Taylor, Steve Ashley and many others and it was recorded at Millstream studios in Cheltenham in 1986.

Robin Denselow has just given it the thumbs up!!



Happy new year.

Last gig at Topsham folk Club

Always under the radar this one. An annual duo show from Steve and I. A great night which we recorded. Tracks to follow. A very special night and a very different version of Cousin Jack dedicated to the memory of Trevor Grills.  Thats’s it folks. Merry Xmas.

That was the year that was!

2013. Been a great year but very glad its over. Never been more knackered. It all finally caught up with me last night. Went to bed at nine and slept for 12 hours!

42 solo shows

1 Reg Meuross show.

1 Phil Beer Band show.

4 shows guesting with the Bully Wee Band

1 Downes and Beer Reunion show

2 Johnny Coppin Reunion shows.

6 Feast of Fiddles shows.

79 Show of Hands shows. 1 to go tonight.

That’ll do I think. Its been a great year but heavy going. Still managed to to two ‘Folk boat’ trips as well as a fun outing on ‘Eve of st mawes’ racing in the classic Falmouth race. Looking very much forward to seeing a bunch of people next year for the summer cruises. Also looking forward to a very different year in which I’ll be able to do almost all of the Feast of fiddles tour, a complete Phil Beer Band tour and lots of solo shows. Please check the date sheets and see what you can get to.

Need to personally acknowledge the passing of Nelson Mandela, a true light in the darkness. I visited Robin Island about six years ago and stood in the lime pit cave where those guys had their short lunch breaks and talked about what they would do WHEN they came to power. A very moving experience. So glad I saw Stan Tracy before he died. He was utterly brilliant. So sad that Derek Smith (The Amazing Mr) is no longer with us. Possibly one of the most eccentric and funny people I’ve ever known. Go and google him. You’ll be on the floor!!

Also we lost our old mate Vladimir Vega. I have found some lovely photos of him on tour with us and will post them when its appropriate. Last but not least, we must remember Jackie Leven who we knew in another life under another name. He exerted an influence over our music that still resonates (No Mans Land)

Last but not least. Get well soon, Alan Colls of Dartford folk club.

Keep watching the website, facebook etc for updates. Over and out. Merry Christmas folks.