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Changes to gigs in 2013

Big apologies, but we’ve had to change some gigs around in February 2013 –

Sunday 3rd Feb at the Minstrel Room, Cowbridge has had to be cancelled – we are currently looking for an alternative date and will keep you posted

Friday 15th February 2013 will now be at The Chapel, Canterbury Christchurch University, Canterbury – for tickets see

Saturday 16th February 2013 is now the Edith Hall, Kemsing, for tickets call 01732 440470 or

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the gig at St Marys Arts Centre, Sandwich has had to be cancelled – apologies. If you have tickets to that gig and can make it to Canterbury then we will transfer them, or give you a refund.

Sorry folks!

Musings from Phil

Its been a very interesting week. Bellowhead up in the main charts and now Show of Hands creeping up behind them. Whilst its almost meaningless in terms of what the charts originally meant in the early years of volume of sales its just very interesting that our music seems to be percolating through without any significant mainstream airplay or promotion. Its solely about the live shows and the number of new folks who’ve seen us and liked what they heard. Bring it on.

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New Album….?

Don’t you just hate it!

I’ve been working on several album projects in parallel for a while now. I had all but compiled a retrospective live album from the solo shows over the last three years and would have got it manufactured in November. I had consulted with the good inhabitants of Longdogs as to whether to include intros and chat or not. Even the artwork was mostly prepared.

Last week I played my annual benefit show for the Wren trust down at Okehampton Methodist church. I didn’t intend to record it but had the laptop and one high quality mic in the van so I just put it up with no particular end in mind. I’ve just listened to it and, somehow, its better than two years of careful recording and mixing. I’ll probably end up using most if not all of it.

Ce’st la vie-